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Nominations L'HIFF Awards 2024

August 2024!!!

Love & Hope International Film Festival (L'HIFF) Gala Awards Dinner

Venue: AQUARELLA MUSIC RESTAURANT Address: 572 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona, Cataluña 08011, Spain

Saturday September 21st 2024
Time: 7:00 PM Red Carpet, 8:00 PM - Gala Dinner and Awards

At Love & Hope International Film Festival (L'HIFF), we believe that every movie holds something remarkable to share with the world. Our esteemed jury is working tirelessly to ensure fairness in the nomination process. With over 300 films, both shorts and feature-length, to review, the task of selecting nominees is an extraordinary undertaking.

We are thrilled to announce that all award winners at the Love & Hope International Film Festival (L'HIFF) will be revealed exclusively during the Gala Awards Dinner on September 21, 2024. The suspense and excitement surrounding this momentous occasion are a vital part of the magic that makes the event truly unforgettable.

In the spirit of celebrating artistic brilliance, we have chosen to keep the winners' names under wraps until the Awards Gala. This decision aims to preserve the thrill and anticipation that culminates in the grand revelation, allowing us all to share in the joy and triumph of the recipients.

Rest assured, the L'HIFF team, alongside our esteemed jury, is diligently working to recognize and honor exceptional contributions to the world of cinema. The Awards Gala Dinner promises to be a night filled with surprises, celebration, and camaraderie.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we come together to cherish the magic of cinema and applaud the outstanding talents of our filmmakers.


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