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Love & Hope International Film Festival aims at the dissemination and promotion of audiovisual. Among its functions stands out that of hosting the meeting of the various professional sectors of cinema, understanding as such the audiovisual produced in Spain and around the world, promoting both its development and its international commercialization. To meet these objectives, Amor y Esperanza International Film Festival will hold its 2nd Edition from September 6 to 10, 2022. L'HIFF is committed to allowing attendees to experience cinema free of harassment, racism, discrimination, sexism and threatening or disrespectful behavior. We fully reserve the right to revoke, without prior notice or refund, credentials or access to events and venues of the Festival for those who engage in such horrible behavior.



2.1- All audiovisual pieces that are presented cannot be prior to 2018.

2.2- Any film previously registered with L'HIFF can be resubmitted at any time for a second chance, as long as it has not been previously selected. 2.3- Multiple registrations are allowed. You can send more than one movie to the same category. But keep in mind that the entrance fee must be paid for each one.

2.4- Work in progress is accepted.

2.5- Projects in foreign languages (non-Spanish) must have Spanish and English subtitles embedded in the same film.

2.6- Registrations are NOT refundable. We are not responsible for lost or damaged materials.

2.7- The shipping fee of the film does NOT guarantee acceptance and no refund will be provided if your film is not selected.

2.8- At our discretion, we can choose to transfer a film to the correct category, but only if the appropriate level of shipping fee has been paid.


The mere fact of uploading the film to the platform does not imply that it is registered with the Festival. To do this, compliance with all requirements is necessary.



3.1- For each project registration you must send us through (free) the final projection materials, in a downloadable link on Vimeo, or if possible, in MP4 or MOV with H264 or H265 Codec, no more than 1080p and size less than 5Gb. It must be sent to, with the title of it.



3.2- Subtitles: it is MANDATORY that the film has the subtitles in English and/or Spanish, otherwise it will be removed from the selection for screening.

  • If the movie is in English, subtitles must be in Spanish.

  • If the movie is in Spanish, subtitles must be in English.

  • If the film is in another language, which is neither Spanish nor English, subtitles must be in both languages: English and Spanish.

3.4- The subtitles must be embedded in the film file (the Festival does NOT embed the subtitles). We must receive the file ready for projection.

3.5- Translations: We can perform the translation into Spanish, if necessary. It has a cost of €80 in short films and feature films. Contact us as soon as possible if you need this service to have the Spanish translation. (We perform the TRANSLATION, NOT the embedding of the subtitles in the projection file.)

3.6- If you need the translation service, please send us the .srt file and we will perform the translation. Next, we forward it to you already translated, and you are in charge of embedding the subtitles translated into Spanish into the movie file. (remember that this service has a cost).



3.7- Possibly we also ask for the projection in DCP format (we advise that, as a filmmaker, you should always have a DCP prepared).

3.8- Send along with the projection:

  • The trailer for his movie

  • A brief synopsis in English (and Spanish if possible)

  • Photo of the director and 2 main ones 3 frames of the movie.

  • Pressbook (pdf)

3.9- Bring to the Festival a poster in vertical A4 size and .jep format of your film to the Festival, so that it can be displayed outside the projection room, before your assigned time.

3.10- For security reasons, in case there is a last-minute problem with the projection file, bring a Master of your film to the Festival on a USB.



4.1 A Screening Committee determines which films will be shown, it is not guaranteed that the presentations will be screened. All the decisions of the committee are final. Except for the public prize, separate juries select the winners of the festival.

4.2 - The fact that a project is selected to be screened during the Festival does NOT have any financial remuneration.

4.3 - The Screening Committee is in charge of scheduling the screenings throughout the Festival. Neither the day nor the time of screening by the participating filmmaker is chosen.

4.4 - Due to the limited screening time, screenings are prioritized with a representative of the same who attends in person during the week of the Festival. Therefore, confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

4.5- We fully reserve the right to change the date and place of the festival in special circumstances. All filmmakers will be informed about any changes through our website, platforms or email.

4.6- If your film is selected by our festival, you automatically accept that we can use images of your project for marketing purposes for our festival. If you do not agree and do not give your consent to grant us promotional rights over your material, let us know by email, and then we will withdraw your film from the promotion of our festival. If we do not receive any notification from you within 48 hours of the selection of your film, we assume that you agree with this policy.

4.7- Responsible: L'HIFF. Sending information, responding to queries and generic contacts, for the duration of our relationship and we have your consent. Recipients.. No data will be transferred to third parties unless there is a legal obligation. Rights. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition, limit the processing of your data, or directly oppose the processing, or exercise the right to portability of the same. All this, in writing, accompanied by a copy of an official document that identifies you, addressed to the RESPONSIBLE. In case of non-conformity with the treatment, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. You can also object to our commercial communications (Art.21.2 of the LSSI) through the following email address:

4.8- The Festival will understand that the producer and/or director who registers the film has all the necessary permissions and authorizations from the owners of the rights to be able to carry out the screening without any problem.

4.9-Each filmmaker must possess or receive the necessary documentation of all the copyrights that appear in their project. Producer and/or management has sole responsibility for this. The Festival is not responsible in any case for the non-existence or lack of documentation of such permits and authorizations.



The Director of the Amor y Esperanza International Film Festival will appoint the jurors of the different sections in competition, whose decisions will be final and will not have to be justified. Juries of the different categories may award special mentions along with the official prizes.



1-Best Feature Film

2-Best LGBTIQ Feature Film

3-Best Horror Feature Film

4-Best Documentary Feature Film

5-Best International Short Film

6-Best Spanish Short Film

7-Best LGBTIQ Short Film

8-Best Horror Short Film

9-Best Documentary Short Film

10-Best Animated Short Film

11-Best Music Video

12-Best Feature Film Screenplay

13-Best Short Film Screenplay

14-Best Short Film Script (not produced)

15-Best Screenplay in Feature Film (not produced)

16-Best Feature Film Photography

17-Best Short Film Photography

18-Best Feature Film Edition

19-Best Short Film Edition

20-Best Musical Composition in Feature Film

21-Best Musical Composition in Short Film

22-Best Feature Film Director

23-Best Director in Short Film

24-Best Actor in Feature Film

25-Best Actor in Short Film

26-Best Actress in Feature Film

27-Best Actress in Short Film

28-Best Web Series Series

29-Best Science Fiction Short Film

30-Honorary Mentions

31-Honorary Awards for Celebrities



1-Best Feature Film: any genre / nationality.

2-Best LGBTIQ Feature Film: LGBTIQ gender / any nationality.

3-Best Horror Feature Film: horror genre / any nationality.

4-Best Documentary Feature Film: documentary that creatively deals with social, scientific, cultural or other topics / any nationality.

5-Best International Short Film: maximum 40 minutes including credits / any nationality except Spain.

6-Best Spanish Short Film: maximum 40 minutes including credits / Spanish.

7-Best LGBTIQ Short Film: maximum 40 minutes / LGBTIQ gender / any nationality.

8-Best Horror Short Film: maximum 40 minutes / horror genre / any nationality.

9-Best Documentary Short Film: maximum 40 minutes / documentary that creatively deals with social, scientific, cultural or other topics / any nationality.

10-Best Animated Short Film: maximum 40 minutes / animation / any nationality.

11-Best Music Video: music video / any nationality.

12-Best Screenplay in Feature Film: script greater than 40 minutes / any nationality.

13-Best Short Film Script: maximum script 40 minutes / any nationality.

14-Best Short Film Script (not produced): maximum script 40 minutes / any nationality.

15-Best Screenplay in Feature Film (not produced): script greater than 40 minutes / any nationality.

16-Best Feature Film Photography: feature film photography / more than 40 minutes / any nationality.

17-Best Short Film Photography: short film photography / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

18-Best Feature Film Edition: feature film edition / more than 40 minutes / any nationality.

19-Best Short Film Edition: short film edition / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

20-Best Musical Composition in Feature Film: feature film musical composition / more than 40 minutes / any nationality.

21-Best Musical Composition in Short Film: musical composition of short film / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

22-Best Feature Film Director: feature film director / more than 40 minutes / any nationality.

23-Best Short Film Director: short film director / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

24-Best Feature Film Actor: feature film actor / over 40 minutes / any nationality.

25-Best Short Film Actor: short film actor / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

26-Best Actress in Feature Film: feature-length actress / over 40 minutes / any nationality.

27-Best Actress in Short Film: short actress / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

28-Best Web Series Series: web series / any nationality.

29-Best science fiction short film: science fiction / maximum 40 minutes / any nationality.

30- Honorable Mentions: award given to works that promote the contribution of new concepts in cinema that allow an evolution.

31-Honorary Awards for Celebrities: awards given to celebrities present at the festival.

5.3- After a film has been officially selected, the filmmaker will be notified.

5.4- Nominations will be announced in AUGUST 2022.

5.5- The winners will receive their prizes during the awards ceremony, which will take place on the last day of the Festival. The prizes do not have any financial endowment. And under no circumstances may they be exchanged for any cash value



These rules of participation may be supplemented or modified by the Festival Management with as many other annexes as it deems appropriate, prior to the start date of the 2nd Edition of the Amor y Esperanza International Film Festival and after communication to interested parties. The interpretation of them will be the exclusive competence of the Festival Management.



C/ Montseny N.104 - 08904

L'Hospitalet - Barcelona, Spain


Tel: +34 608 827 795 / +34 612 555 859

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